Esther Pardo

Internship USA

If one of your dreams is to come to the US with an internship program, this is the right option. I lacked experience in Marketing, which is what I want to do in the future and thanks to this agency I got a Consulting firm position, focused on Market Research with a one-year contract.

Marta Martinez

Monitor Camp USA

It has been a different summer than what I am used to in Spain, but it has been fantastic, apart from meeting extraordinary people I have managed to create a real home away from my country and my culture. It has been an experience that has helped me to mature and grow personally thanks to the responsibility of having to be in charge of a group of children.


Internship USA

My experience in my Host Company is being fantastic, I am not only learning but I am also meeting many professionals in the events organized by the office, such as outings to meet other projects that I do in the office or classes and conferences during lunchtime.

Javier Moltó

Internship USA

If you are doubting whether an internship or a traineeship will be a good choice in your career path, I can only say do not hesitate about it, get on the fast-track and sky-rocket your life and your career to a next level, become a part of the thrilling new generation of International Graduates.

Ana García Pujol

Work & Travel USA

It has been a great summer, I have been with incredible people and now that I am back at home I miss every moment there. Cities are better than the movies and series we have always seen. I am very happy to have decided to go.

David Alejandro Thony Méndez

Work & Travel USA

La experiencia es totalmente enriquecedora, es un punto de inflexión en nuestras vidas, todos hemos coincidido en ese punto. Estableces lazos que sabes que durarán toda la vida, haces amigos para siempre.