Since I was little I have traveled to different parts of the world. I like to live new experiences and meet new cultures. I’m 25 years old, and that hasn’t changed. Right now, I am living in Boston, MA. The road to come here was not easy, but I finally got it. How? With the help of Travelingua.

I studied Psychology and I later did a master’s in business management, specializing in Marketing and Sales. From the beginning, my idea was to go to the US once the master finished. I talked to many people and they told me that the US was impossible, that I was not going to get an internship there without being American. From what I started to investigate, and so I found Travelingua, an agency of Alicante. I contacted them in January 2018, and in March 2018 I signed the internship search contract. The registration process was very simple, the complicated thing came when the companies contacted me. It was a long process, and I recommend that it is done with enough time, since it is true that finding a position in the US is more complicated, but not impossible, as they told me.

Finally, in September 2018 I had two job interviews, of which one of them hired me, and that is the company where I am right now. In September 2018, I started with the paperwork to complete the rest of the documents and the visa process. The truth is that the process is very simple thanks to the guidance of Travelingua, it is very organized and they make it very easy for you.

If one of your dreams is to come to the US with an internship program, this is the right option. I lacked experience in Marketing, which is what I want to do in the future and thanks to this agency I got a Consulting firm position, focused on Market Research with a one-year contract. I’ve only been here for 3 months and I’ve already learned many things thanks to the team I’m working with!