I found an internship online in an office in New York that was dedicated to residential architecture. My previous experience focused mainly on public building competitions and I found this opportunity unique both for the new experience in a field of architecture that I still had to dive into, and to learn new construction systems and new approaches to the profession. My experience in my Host Company is being fantastic, I am not only learning but I am also meeting many professionals in the events organized by the office, such as outings to meet other projects that I do in the office or classes and conferences during lunchtime.

The city’s choice focused on the countless cultural opportunities that New York offers. I am visiting museums and galleries and I am attending conferences organized by the Center of Architecture . New York during the summer takes advantage of the good weather to organize many free outdoor events such as concerts or movies in different green areas that I have attended. Although just walking through the city is already a fantastic experience.

Thank you for this opportunity!